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Saturnz Return (21 year anniversary reissue) 3CD
Release Date: 13/09/2019
Catalogue No.: LMS5521276
Record Label: In My Room
Format: CD

3CD edition in 3-panel digisleeve with 8-page booklet, Complete 2019 Remaster of all the original Tracks, Incl. NEW remixes from Demonz [Gremlinz & Jesta Remix] Demonz [Martyn's Full Circle Mix] Crystal Clear [DjRUM Remix] Crystal Clear [HLZ Remix] , Dragonfly [Dengue Dengue Dengue Remix] as well as 2019 Remastered RMX´s by Grooverider, Optical, DJ Muggs, MJ Cole, VIP, Belief System and more! "Timeless", Goldie's first album in 1995, changed the face of the musical culture in England by democratizing the drum & bass scene, conscripting Goldie as a local star. But not only: with the enthusiastic support from artists such as David Bowie, he crossed the Channel and the Atlantic. However, while everyone was waiting impatiently the following of "Timeless", Goldie had other plans: with "Saturnz Return" (1998) he came back with a concept album of 150 minutes (in its CD version), innovative, experimental and cleavable. 21 years later, his radical and innovative vision was taken up and adapted by many artists, from Carl Craig to Pete Tong. For the first time, thanks to London Music Stream label, "Saturnz Return" is finally ready to receive the critical reception it should have received when it was released. The avant-garde has become a reference. CD1: 1. Mother (2019 Remaster) / 2. Truth (2019 Remaster) / 3. The Dream Within (2019 Remaster) CD2: 1. Temper Temper (2019 Remaster) / 2. Digital (2019 Remaster) / 3. I'll Be There For You (2019 Remaster) / 4. Believe (2019 Remaster) / 5. Dragonfly (2019 Remaster) / 6. Chico - Death Of A Rockstar (2019 Remaster) / 7. Letter Of Fate (2019 Remaster) / 8. Fury - The Origin (2019 Remaster) / 9. Crystal Clear (2019 Remaster) / 10. Demonz (2019 Remaster) CD3: 1. Demonz [Gremlinz & Jesta Remix] / 2. Crystal Clear [HLZ Remix] / 3. Demonz [Martyn's Full Circle Mix] / 4. Crystal Clear [DjRUM Remix] / 5. Dragonfly [Dengue Dengue Dengue Remix] / 6. Mother [Strings] 7. What You Won’t Do For Love [Instrumental] / 8. Believe [Grooverider Remix] (2019 Remaster) / 9. Digital [Boymerang Remix] (2019 Remaster) / 10. Temper Temper [Optical Mix] (2019 Remaster)



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Saturnz Return (21 year anniversary reissue) 3CD

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