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World Spirituality Classics 2:The Time For Peace Is Now
Release Date: 13/09/2019
Catalogue No.: LP-LBOP-0094
Record Label: Luaka Bop
Format: 12" Vinyl

Gospel music that is not about God or Jesus, but instead how we deal with each other. Sourced from small label gospel singles from the 1970's from fairly obscure groups.Jonathan Lethem -These songs are resplendent with love and yet are not love songs, not in the sense of man-addressing-woman, or woman-addressing-man. The material here speaks of life and death, care and disrepair, exultation and release, sorrow and pain, and exhort the listener to hold on, seek peace, let light shine, know joy, recognize the love in one's fellows ' nearly every ecstasy excluding the erotic variants is on offer here. All this music fits naturally into a context of people trying to speak to other people about the condition of being alive, and the fact that the emotions are universal and collective ones doesn't make them any less intimate, passionate or devastating.. L2. A1 The Time for Peace is Now The Fantastic ShadowsA2 It's Hard to Live in This Old World Rev Harvey Gates A3 That's a Sign of the Times Floyd Family Singers A4 Keep Your Faith in the Sky Willie Scott & The Birmingham Spirituals A5 We Are in Need James BynumA6 Condition the World Is In Religious SoulsA7 We Don't Love Enough The TriumphsB1 Peace in the Land Gospel IQ's B2 We Got a Race to Run Staples Junior's Singers B3 I Just Want To Be Your Friend Soul Stirrers B4 Let Your Light Shine Willie Dale B5 The Price of Love Rev Harvey GatesB6 Sunshine After Every Rain Mighty RevelairesB7 Don't Give Up The William Singers . N2 everywhere



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Various Artists

World Spirituality Classics 2:The Time For Peace Is Now

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