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Is Not Defeated
Release Date: 16/08/2019
Catalogue No.: LP-HMK-023
Record Label: Hammock Music
Format: 12" Vinyl

The ascent of everest is metaphor for ambitious goals. partly the synthesis of genre and fusion of musical traditions but also to articulate abstract emotional places and states of being. some will be quick to pick out bits that could be called post rock metal doom electronic shoegaze neoclassical post minimalist etc. but shy from saying what the ultimate result is: this is about the journey into the unknown, fiercely new territories. Is Not Defeated, the ascent of everest's first release in nine years, is an album from a tight-knit community of musicians who assembled, lived together, and wrote music together in non-traditional ways. it's an album of intricate compositions and sincere passion, culminating in an emotional and cathartic zenith.



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Ascent Of Everest

Is Not Defeated

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