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essentials (3CD)
Release Date: 30/08/2019
Catalogue No.: ACT7008
Record Label: ACT Music
Format: CD

This premium collector's box includes the original, pioneering albums: - Historicity- Accelerando- Solo. “Historicity” is Iyer’s first full album in the classic piano trio format and, at the same time, a profound redefinition of this genre. The pianist’s examination of the concept of historicity is the album’s center of focus. It’s about “being placed in the stream of history, ” he explains in the liner notes. "Without a doubt, it's the past that's setting us in motion." On “Historicity”, Iyer travels full circle from covers such as “Galang”, by global hip-hop star M.I.A, to Stevie Wonder’s “Big Brother”, back to his own very early pieces (“Trident” and “Sentiment”). Not least due to the fact that the trio almost sounds like a single person, associations here succeed as never heard before. Or as Iyer himself put it: “Music, it seems, also connects -- carrying us smoothly across the tumult of experience, like water over rocks.”



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Vijay Iyer

essentials (3CD)

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