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playing John Williams (LP)
Release Date: 30/08/2019
Catalogue No.: ACTLP9764
Record Label: ACT Music
Format: 12" Vinyl

“I’ve done all kinds of things with John Williams’ music. I’ve re-harmonised it, I’ve used different time signatures and much more, so that my own voice can flow naturally into it,” says Helbock. “But despite all the alterations, the melody always stays the same and remains recognisable. Much of the process of adaptation was done intuitively, driven by the emotions that the films sparked in me. So I wrote down the main melodies, I watched the films, before finally developing my improvised versions on the piano and slowly extending them.” And so this “storyteller at the piano” (3sat) gives us a very different John Williams from the one we know from the cinema, but the man in the picture remains unmistakably the doyen of film music himself.



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David Helbock

playing John Williams (LP)

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