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Live At The Nick
Release Date: 14/06/2019
Catalogue No.: LP-DG-170
Record Label: Don Giovanni
Format: 12" Vinyl

In November of 2017, we played two nights at The Nick in Birmingham with some of our favorite Alabama bands -- \\GT//, Shaheed & DJ Supreme, Bad Example, Dommel Mossel, Me & My Knife, and Snacks, and raising attention for our friends at Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice and Hometown Action. Tension was in the air. While Trump's deportation squads, racial vitriol, and anti-worker policies were strafing the country, Alabama was caught in the most heated U.S. Senate race of our lifetimes. Roy Moore, whose reign as a Christian-supremacist homophobic judge had spanned most of our lives, was in great danger of being sent to D.C. as Alabama's senator. Meanwhile, our former Senator Jeff Sessions was implementing and excusing the worst of Trump's policies as Attorney General. It was fitting, then, to find ourselves in the heart of Birmingham's Southside, the neighborhood that so many young Alabamians have found as a sanctuary, and inside the pine-box walls of the Nick, where many of us ordered our first beer, or saw our first indie rock show, or watched our first bleary-eyed sunup. While the world roiled beyond the slanting, sun-bleached front porch, we felt together and strong inside. We still do. We sent Roy Moore packing, and we're working on Sessions and Trump, too. This record is about raising hell for and from your home-place and your home-folks. Let's keep on working.-Tracks:1. Sweet Disorder! (Live) 03:45 2. Black & White Boys (Live) 03:34 3. The City Walls (Intro) [Live] 00:38 4. The City Walls (Live) 02:24 5. Nail My Feet Down to the Southside of Town (Live) 05:47 6. Underneath the Sheets of White Noise (Live) 03:39 7. Whitewash (Live) 03:55 8. The Weeds Downtown (Live) 04:06 9. The Kudzu and the Concrete (Live) 03:20 10. Flags! (Intro) [Live] 02:01 11. Flags! (Live) 02:15 12. The Red, Red Dirt of Home (Live) 03:28 13. We Dare Defend Our Rights (Live) 03:46 14. Crooked Letters (Live) 06:39 15. I Can Change (Intro) [Live] 00:33 16. I Can Change (Live) 02:43 17. Good Old Boy (Intro) [Live] 00:46 18. Good Old Boy (Live) 02:20 19. Dirt Track (Live) 08:19



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Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires

Live At The Nick

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