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Release Date: 15/03/2019
Catalogue No.: CS-TE-191
Record Label: Tiny Engines
Format: Cassette Tape

Like the cool, mysterious person in the corner of a dimly lit bar that you cant figure out, a romantic shadow hangs over Nanami Ozone's NO. The band's sophomore LP pairs sincere lyricism with hazy guitar-driven rock creating a feeling of deep passion...not love though. Nanami Ozone does not make music for love but rather the complexities which accompany love: lust, confusion, desire, fixation, hurt. Perfect for midsummer sunsets as well as introspective winter evenings at home, NO is equal parts solicitous and pensive.Just as idiosyncrasies make love interesting, it's these traits that make Nanami Ozone interesting. Not quite pop, not quite punk, not quite shoegaze, the band breathes new life into contemplative indie music as it infuses elements of garage and post-rock. NO keeps listeners on their toes, mixes dreamy, atmospheric sounds with kinetic, fuzzy noise. The result is 10 captivating songs that beg to be turned absorbed and felt throughout your entire body and soul.



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Nanami Ozone


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