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Path of Totality
Release Date: 22/02/2019
Catalogue No.: WR4733
Record Label: Whirlwind
Format: CD

The Toronto-born, New York-based saxophonist's compositions each begin from a clear-cut kernel of an idea, with their own set of parameters, which are then developed into stories of differing landscapes, all crafted from the ground up for these specific players to interpret and improvise across. Featuring saxophonist David Binney, pianist/keyboardist Matt Mitchell, drummers Kenny Wollesen and Nate Wood, plus a clutch of guest artists. Tracks include the progressive yet cyclical impetus in giant-stepping title track "Path of Totality", explored through thunderous, phased double-drum patterns and far-reaching saxophone figures; and "Bounce" takes motivic ideas and rhythmic structures from a bouncing ball's motion (studied through mathematical programmes), manipulating them to create elasticized environments, the two saxophonists' extemporizations eventually narrowing against the full swell of a 1924 Kimball Theatre Organ.



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Quinsin Nachoff's Flux

Path of Totality

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