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Finish Him
Release Date: 13/07/2018
Catalogue No.: CD-BW-002
Record Label: Birdwatcher Records
Format: CD

Liam Singer is a Portland, OR native who spent most of his youth in one of four places: 1) taking music lessons on piano and harpsichord 2) hunching over his beloved 4-track in his bedroom 3) working at a local junk store, where he spent most of his money accumulating old beaten-up synths 4) attending high school on the wealthy side of town, where he wasn't exactly a loner but didn't fit in much either. His music has always straddled the line between formal classical knowledge and blind, self-taught fumbling on unfamiliar instruments like the accordion and theremin. With Finish Him, Singer revives his love of synthesizers and 80s pop for a more direct-to-the-hips approach than his previous material, but with a Baroque twist and a flair for melodrama. Think Philip Glass' Einstein on the Beach as an off-Broadway musical starring Kate Bush, Nick Cave, and Sufjan Stevens and you're in the ballpark. Finish Him was recorded and co-produced by Scott Solter (The Mountain Goats, Erik Friedlander, etc.). The arrangements were developed with and feature Cheryl Kingan (75 Dollar Bill, The Scene Is Now) Jesse Perlstein (Sontag Shogun) and David Flaherty (Cuddle Magic). - 1 Nest Of Nerves 2 Offering 3 Test Tone 4 Until I Fall 5 The Gambrels Of The Sky' 6 Apollo 7 Love Me Today 8 The Devil 9 Bending Away (Remove Your Mind) 10 Down, Down, Down 11 Protection Poem 12 Still Life 13 I Want To See Sparks 14 French Goth



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Liam Singer

Finish Him

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