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The Complete Singles A's & B sides of The Hi Revving Tongues, The Tongues & Caboose
Release Date: 13/07/2018
Catalogue No.: FRENZY120
Record Label: Frenzy
Format: CD

MOST TRACKS ON CD FOR THE FIRST TIME includes 16 page booklet A chronological journey through the singles collection of one of New Zealandís more popular and interesting groups from the late 60s- early 70s. Originally formed in mid-1967 to showcase group leader Mike Balcombeís burgeoning songwriting ability. Chris Parfitt (the groupís vocalist) also started writing material and over the next 2 years, the group released a series of unique homegrown singles which until now have mostly never been on CD before. What makes this collection unique is the diversity of material which embraces most genres from this period including pop, pop psych, Motown, baroque and rock. The groupís hits including: ĎA Tropic of Capricorní, ĎRain & Tearsí and ĎElevatorí are all here and they stand proudly next to the other 9 singles...including an unreleased 1972 single from CABOOSE (their later incarnation). Chris Parfitt (the groupís vocalist) left the group just after they won the 1969 Loxene Gold Disc Award for ĎRain & Tearsí which was also a national # 1 record. The group shortened their name to the Tongues and released an album and 2 singles before heading to Australia where they became CABOOSE who left behind 1 single and an unreleased album and single.



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Hi Revving Tongues

The Complete Singles A's & B sides of The Hi Revving Tongues, The Tongues & Caboose

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