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A Novel Of Anomaly
Release Date: 23/02/2018
Catalogue No.: ACT9853
Record Label: ACT Music
Format: CD

Right from the start we saw ourselves as equal co-conspirators in the quartet. Each member brought compositions from his own personal musical hinterland. In pieces such as “Aritmia” or “Stagione”, Luciano's 'Italianità' is wonderfully palpable. In “Planet Zumo” what jumps into the foreground is Kalle's work with Nigerian drummer Tony Allen. In “Getalateria” I was keen to bring an Alpine mountain echo to meet Kalle's wild Finnish guitar. We honour Lucas Niggli's childhood in Cameroun in the track “Flood”, inspired by the African writer Chenjerai Hove. For me it was important to accommodate the mother tongue of each of the musicians in this album. So “Fiore Salino” is in Italian, and “Laulu Jatkuu” is in Finnish. In “Swie Embri” I sing in my first language, the dialect of the German part of Valais.



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Andreas Schaerer

A Novel Of Anomaly

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