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Release Date: 12/01/2018
Catalogue No.: SI-GRA-125
Record Label: SKiN GRAFT Records
Format: 7" Vinyl

Formed by members of Hella, The Flying Luttenbachers and LeButcherettes, Chicago No-Wave supergroup My Name Is Rar-Rar emerged in late 2000. Luttenbachers' guitarist Chuck Falzone and bassist Jonathan Hischke delivered dissonance and speed to the band... Falzone's odd guitar timbre snaked between Hischke's ridiculous synth-bass lines and collided with the playful tribal thump of Chrissy Rossettie. Greg Peters (formerly of Xerobot) whoops, coughs and delusional ramblings transformed the band into a speeding circus caravan - one that misses a turn and tumbles over the cliff, time and time again.  They recorded an album in 2003 but broke up before mixing it. Years later, Nick Sakes, founder of influential post-hardcore nightmare merchants Dazzling Killmen, and Rossettie hatched Xaddax - a kinetic, No Wave-y two piece that clashes Sakes' jagged guitars and signature vocals across Rossettie's worldwide web of haywire electronics, meandering synth, and frenzied drumming. Their first album, "Counterclockwork," was released on SKiN GRAFT Records in 2012. The Xaddax / My Name Is Rar-Rar split 7" EP brings two new Xaddax songs together with a pair of newly mixed and mastered tracks from Rar-Rar's final recording session. The CD edition comes in a choice of two different covers and includes the previously unreleased My Name Is Rar-Rar full length album.



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Xaddax / My Name Is Rar-rar


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