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Red Devil (LP)
Release Date: 03/11/2017
Catalogue No.: LP-NON-017
Record Label: NON Worldwide
Format: 12" Vinyl

LP-Angel-Ho proclaimed virtuoso, also known as Angelo Valerio/Deep In The Pussy/Ruffle Queen, and a co-founder of NON Worldwide, is in celebration of what makes them uniquely queer. With a limited run of their vinyl titled Red Devil, Angel-Ho presents an array of classical electronic inspired cacophony. This is a chance for the symphony to be contextualized, since its release not having any word spoken by the artist a Beyoncé moment if you will. Red Devil is an autobiographical mix where by Angel presents the realities of the mind, ones ability to shift their perspectives of the world, through applying the principles of balance in their music. All which is deeply connected to the experiences queer and trans people encounter daily, be it personal demons to greeting violence in public to the reasoning of joy among the chaos, Angel describes it as transformation. So many people live in fear of transformation and I am not necessarily making it a point to gender, sexuality, but not limited to recent political or social acts in 2017. I enjoy transformation like many of my fellow artists around the globe. Everyone forgets that I studied art and have done performances prior to the release of Ascension. Being able to see beyond my mind and make things tangible is a mirror of how I move through space, time, and transformation, wasting no time in doing so I want to be the best I can be because in doing so I see the cause and effect of being true to ones nature, to do what makes you happy with what youve got. Red Devil is led by a fierce orchestra and choir, of which Angel-Ho visualises animates in their dreamscape, not being reduced to its potential as a digital sound file. It is inspired greatly by the collision of music styles and genres and true to the proceeding agency of Angels own envisioning of a, moffie only, klopse troupe roaming through the neighbourhood at 2am in the Summer with their sharpened instruments ghostly parading the echo of their afternoon rehersals. Red Devil becomes a celebration of all that is denied by ourselves and others. The self-saboteur, as RuPaul Andre Charles heralds, is what is vanquished through ones ability to name it and deconstruct the information as to why one would perceive a dismal perception of reality what halts ones ability to achieve and excel. It is through this action we can equip ourselves with the tools we need to perceiver in a world where we living queer, breathing trans, bodies have to everyday prepare ourselves for the worst when leaving the solitude of our homes and safety of our family.



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Red Devil (LP)

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