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Imaginary Enemies
Release Date: 24/03/2017
Catalogue No.: LP-FD-049
Record Label: Father/Daughter Records
Format: 12" Vinyl

The Hiccup origin story is a rather unlikely one for a breakneck paced, harmony-laden indie band. Dual vocalists Hallie Bulleit (formerly of The Unlovables) and Alex Clute first met when they began playing together in the house band on a late-night television program. The Chris Gethard Show_x001A_ a club house for suburban dorks, outcasts, punks and nerds _x001A_ is peppered with brief bursts of kinetic pop-punk songs by Clute and Bulleit_x001A_s TV band, The LLC, about such topics as building birdhouses, having weird body parts, and eating sandwiches (to name but a few). They are micro-pop perfection that are, at most, 30 seconds long and as soon as they_x001A_re performed live on the show, they disappear forever as quickly as they appeared, never to be performed or heard again. Alex and Hallie were bonded by their common love of, and capacity for creating memorable pop hooks. And thus, with the addition of drummer Piyal Basu, Hiccup was born. Bulleit and Clute began penning songs within the realm of girl-group pop meets buzz saw distorted guitars that the Ramones pioneered, the immediacy of which was later expanded upon by bands such as the Smoking Popes, and the Lookout Records roster. But there is also a dark and stormy element in the production and approach, that hints at Kevin Shields_x001A_ My Bloody Valentine output or some of the more dissonant Belle And Sebastian moments. Imaginary Enemies, Hiccup_x001A_s debut full-length effort, was produced by Kyle Gilbride (Waxahatchee, Swearin_x001A_, All Dogs), and will be released on Father/Daughter Records on March 24 2017.



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Imaginary Enemies

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