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Hyper Flux
Release Date: 24/02/2017
Catalogue No.: LP-ZIQ-385
Record Label: Planet Mu Records Ltd
Format: 12" Vinyl

Few artists have the ability to totally seduce over a few spins like Italy_x001A_s Herva. What may seem messy at first listen starts to fall into sharper definition and _x001A_Hyper Flux_x001A_ makes a very strong case for being his most seductive and mature record yet. The album has dismantled the broken beats of his early records and drifts, dives and shivers, its beats blended into the haze, everything approached from unusual angles with none of the music sounding entirely digital as it smudges between manipulated live instrumentation and field recordings coupled with synthesis and space - there's a warm heart at the centre of this music. Of making the album he says _x001A_I challenged myself to play real instruments. I have a lot of guitars and weird acoustic instruments at my home and also my Dad_x001A_s. He's primarily a guitarist and an inventor of instruments, so I have lots of those. Anyway I'm not a pro but I'm able to play drums quite well and I'm not that bad on guitars and bass too, but the weirdo instruments are the best, you are even more free to reinvent how to play them since no one else knows how to._x001A_ The deep ambience of the albums opener _x001A_Esotic Energy_x001A_ melts into the shivering 4/4 pulses of _x001A_Jitter_x001A_. _x001A_Nasty MF_x001A_ pits a sludgy house beat against rough vocal samples whose aggression is disarmed by bell-like melodies, matching one earthiness for another. _x001A_Rule The Sun_x001A_ melts pattering drums and distorted chords with distant piano, while _x001A_Multicone_x001A_ takes things down with relaxing undulating chords and clicks and cuts. The centrepiece of the album is the space cruise of _x001A_Lly Spirals_x001A_ which sounds like early 80s boogie blasted into the stratosphere. Things start to get weird with _x001A_Solar Xub_x001A_s drifting jazz, punctuated with scratchy beats and noise. _x001A_Cops Twerk_x001A_ is a rattling piece of uptempo techno with flickering rave chords and a vocal that sounds like police radio whereas _x001A_Peach_x001A_ is a bristling piece of ambient house, all reverbed hits and reversed stabs over a scuttling broken drum kit. _x001A_Dedicated_x001A_ featuring the vocals of Mar G. balances loose chords and a reversed break against her plaintive, striking vocal. Hyper Flux finishes the way it started, with the distorted chords of _x001A_Zykmed_x001A_, echoing dust and hiss played out over a gentle nostalgic melody.



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Hyper Flux

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