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Spirit Down
Release Date: 19/06/2015
Catalogue No.: FIRE2007132
Record Label: Firestarter Distribution
Format: CD EP

Combining melancholic, guitar based song writing with dense, rhythmic electronica, Our Man in Berlin have carved out their own unique corner in the Australian music landscape. The sophomore EP, ‘Spirit Down’, is everything a second release should be - mature, confident, expansive and well crafted. Each of the five tracks on the EP explores a different theme and sound, with Haydn Mansell’s uniquely identifiable soft vocals and the band’s penchant for complex beats the only constants throughout. Memorable melodies, intelligent riffs and aggressive bass lines underly ‘Spirit Down’ as it builds on the band’s earlier releases, and delivers something truly special. With a now recognisable juxtaposition of light and shade as the foundation for its sound, Our Man in Berlin is a band worthy of your ears and your mind.



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Our Man In Berlin

Spirit Down

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