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Artificial Sweeteners - LP
Release Date: 16/05/2014
Catalogue No.: LP-YEP-2379
Record Label: Yep Roc
Format: 12" Vinyl

Few have offered such a bittersweet taste of pop through their career as Fujiya & Miyagi; underneath the sticky wrappers that have packaged their sugary synth lines and rich hooks since the turn of the Millennium, there’s always been a grittier aftertaste - be it manifest through their love of pounding 70’s krautrock, or in the seen-it-all weariness of their lyrics. However, as the Brighton-based trio announce the release of their fifth album, that conflict of light and dark has well and truly been conquered. Steve Lewis, Matt Hainsby and David Best pour forth with a new slew of irresistible saccharine, jacking up their own inimitable sound with enough E-numbers to leave you frothing at the mouth somewhere in a wilting warehouse at six in the morning. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to rot your teeth on Artificial Sweeteners. The vinyl will have a limited splattered version which is the first pressing. The second pressing will have a new UPC and will be normal black vinyl.



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Fujiya & Miyagi

Artificial Sweeteners - LP

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