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Whole Earth Cleansing
Release Date: 28/03/2014
Catalogue No.: DEFCON4
Record Label: Rocket Distribution
Format: 12" Vinyl

Desperate Records is mighty proud to be releasing the debut LP by Geelong's Kremlings. This young 5-piece has a self-released CD EP and a 7" EP on the Anti-Fade label under their belt and one of the wildest, most energetic live shows in the land. Singer Andre' Merino manages to channel the spirit of Bon Scott and a young (AKA before the muscles took hold of his body and mind) Henry Rollins with an untamed, screeching performance, whilst the rest of the band emit a sweaty physicality in their music which harkens back to the glory days of '80s US hardcore (Black Flag, Husker Du) and the best Australian underground rock of yore (Scientists, Radio Birdman, Bored!). Thanks to Mikey Young (producer of all good things Down Under), this energy has been captured on tape with this 14-track LP. is an unrelenting roar of untamed rock & roll - the real thing - from a band who sound like they mean it. When they supported Jello Biafra last year at his Melbourne show, he was so impressed he talked of releasing an album of theirs himself. We've beaten him to it. Geelong is experiencing a real renaissance of great rock music the past 12-24 months (Frowning Clouds, Living Eyes, Hierophants, Bonniwells, etc.): it's time you got on board. Whole Earth Cleansing features some truly eye-popping cover art from Ahmad Oka, and comes on 180-gram vinyl in an edition of 500 copies. There's also a download card of the album, and a full-colour insert with lyric sheet.



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The Kremlings

Whole Earth Cleansing

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