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Release Date: 21/03/2014
Catalogue No.: PWFXT075CD
Record Label: Fixt
Format: CD

"If the Blue Stahli who created the first two volumes of Antisleep was the fun-loving master of funk who crashed your Hollywood Hills garden party to cannonball off the roof into your pool, the Blue Stahli who made this third volume is the one who, clad in black and backlit by one flickering Exit sign, appears in your rearview mirror as you get into your car late one night in a dimly lit and otherwise empty parking garage. Is he there to warn you of imminent danger? Is HE the imminent danger? All you know is that the funk is gone and a sinister chill in the air is making the hair on the back of your neck rise. Better get your key into the ignition,whatever happens next, your life won't be the same after tonight, after Antisleep Volume 3. These 13 new cinematic pieces of instrumental action will be indispensable during YOUR next car chase, dangerous escape, or alien encounter.

TRACK LISTING: 1. Suit Up 2. Awaken 3. Retribution 4. Transmission from Hell 5. Atom Smasher 6. The Destroyer of All Things 7. Something in the Woods 8. Ready for Battle 9. Hell Arrives 10. Reverse Tension 11. Chaser 12. Death Hammer 13. The Ritual"



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