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Soundtrack For The Voices In My Head Vol.1
Release Date: 21/03/2014
Catalogue No.: PWFXP750202
Record Label: Fixt
Format: CD

"The instrumental and score based progression of Klayton's vision for Film/TV/Video Game/Movie Trailer music. Klayton's signature writing and production style, coupled with his wide variety of instruments and sounds, brings to life a rich and varied landscape of sound designed for bringing tension and intensity to the screen, big or small. The Soundtrack For The Voices In My Head series will leave a trail of melodies and progressions in every listener's head, long after the music has stopped.

TRACK LISTING: 1. Through The Gates 2. Birthright (beta 1.0) 3. Solaris 4. Pursuit of the Hunted 5. Ursa Minor (Electron Mix) 6. Narrow Escape 7. Subterra 8. The Angel of IO 9. Surgical 10. Ursa Minor (Proton Mix) 11. Outland 12. Life's a Glitch 13. Animatronic 14. Descent 15. Ursa Minor (Neutron Mix) 16. Birthright (Birthwrong Mix by Blue Stahli) 17. Scardonia 18. Aurora Borealis 19. Ursa Minor (Non-Atomic Mix) 20. La Puerta Del Diablo 21. Birthright (Bonus Track) (Beta 1.0 - Instrumental Trailer Mix) 22. Baseline (Bonus Track) (Birthright Demo - Instrumental)"



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Soundtrack For The Voices In My Head Vol.1

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