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Release Date: 21/03/2014
Catalogue No.: PWMET918
Record Label: Metropolis
Format: CD

"In 2005 Mikito (guitar and programming) and U-tarou (vocals) began working together and creating music. The duo was joined by Alan (Drums) in 2010, and together they form BAAL. Over the ensuing years, BAAL has established itself as powerful new act, delivering harrowing sets wrought with overwhelming intensity, representing the best of Japan's industrial scene. A chaotic blend of intense guitars and electronics, the band is a unique act. Through international touring, as well as two EPs, the band has developed a truly international following. In July, 2013, industrial music pioneer Cevin Key presented BAAL to American audiences in Los Angeles, and the band joined Metropolis Records for its full length debut album, SHURADO( ) [Scene of Carnage' is the English translation] Prepare for impact. TRACK LISTING: 01. Purge 02. ??? -Brush Aside Your Way- 03. Dead Sector 04. Outrage 05. Evil Collector 06. ?? Schizoid 07. Awake 08. The Iron Age 09. Inhuman Dimension 10. ?? Genocide"



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