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Phantom Ride
Release Date: 15/11/2013
Catalogue No.: SPR017
Record Label: Fuse Distribution
Format: CD

Matt Walker follows up his intensely personal release from last year 'In Echoes of Dawn' by forming a new band with Lost Ragas.
The band actually grew from his touring band for that release. With each member of the band growing in confidence and bringing a unique musical personality to the fore, it made perfect sense to go for a group name rather than list it as a %u2018Matt Walker and backing band%u2019 effort. .
And so presenting their debut release here 'Phantom Ride' the Lost Raga's prove their more than just a backing band for Matt - they all contribute to the songwriting and help shape the direction of the album. Matt still comes across as leader (for want of a better term), with his vocal delivery never sounding more comfortable, and his lead guitar work blending perfectly with the chameleon-like sonic palette of Shane Reilly's pedal-steel guitar.
Matt states, %u201CThe premise was to keep the record simple, keep the takes as live as possible, minimize overdubs, and for each song to have a character of its own but to fit with the rest.%u201D
The Lost Ragas are:
Matt Walker - guitar, vocals, harmonica
Shane Reilly %u2013 pedal steel, vocals
Simon Burke %u2013 drums, vocals, keys
Roger Bergodaz %u2013 bass, vocals, drums



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LOST RAGAS (feat. Matt Walker)

Phantom Ride

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