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Release Date: 11/10/2013
Catalogue No.: ILL102CD
Record Label: Liberation/UMA
Format: CD

A year removed from the spotlight has resulted in light years worth of maturity for Amy, Hannah, Sarah and Holly — known collectively as hard-hitting alt-rock four piece Stonefield – as they take the next step in their already impressive career trajectory, emerging from the studio with their long awaited self-titled debut album. Produced by acclaimed Band of Skulls producer Ian Davenport and mixed by Grammy-nominated Tim Palmer (U2, Pearl Jam), Stonefield is a heavy, raw and startlingly mature collection of classic rock 'n' roll songs with an overt blues influence, a trademark of the band. Davenport's experienced studio methods, including the use of the Melbourne Mass Gospel Choir (lead single 'Put Your Curse On Me', 'To The Mountains') and recording much of the bass and drums to tape, have created a distinctively vast sound for the album. Says Amy, "Surrounding ourselves with great people in the process of recording the album had a huge impact on the energy and vibe we were able to capture. Ian was fantastic to work with. We felt as though we were completely on the same page with almost everything we did and every choice that was made" Drawing on a range of influences and experiences, Stonefield find themselves lyrically touching on a recurring theme of maturity and evolution, not just as a band, but uniquely, as people. "The songs from the album are all gathered experiences and life lessons that we feel have made us the band and people we are. The album is all about the journey from childhood to adulthood." Indeed, this theme is found most strongly on album standouts 'To Whom It May Concern' and 'Diggin My Way Out' and has extended visually with a fresh new art direction and mature new look. The making of their first record has given Stonefield a renewed sense of fearlessness and confidence with all four members venturing into new territories. "An LP allows you the time to create a journey, become more experimental and share so much more of what you have to offer."

Track Listing

  1. C'Mon
  2. Love You Deserve
  3. Put Your Curse On Me
  4. Over and Over
  5. To The Mountains
  6. Diggin' My Way Out
  7. House Of The Lonely
  8. To Whom It May Concern
  9. Baby Blue
  10. Keep On Rollin'



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