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Are You My Brother?
Release Date: 07/06/2013
Catalogue No.: BRR022
Record Label: Bird's Robe Records
Format: CD

The lush debut from young Sydney post-rock trio Solkyri showcases the band’s energetic ambition and their willingness to experiment beyond their niche. Building on their promising ‘No House’ EP, their full-length ‘Are You My Brother?’ reflects a new-found maturity in their composition, whilst losing none of their reckless live abandon. The singles ‘Hunter’ and ‘Home’ (featuring Hannah Cameron on vocals) are bona-fide indie rock hits, whilst the lengthier brooding centerpieces ‘With Strawberries Like Dead Men’ and ‘I Am The Motherf*cker’ display the band’s primal intensity. Produced by Dax Liniere (sleepmakeswaves) the pedigree of yet another instrumental talent from down under has been firmly established.

For fans of: Sleepmakeswaves, Mono, Decoder Ring, Sigur Ros



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Are You My Brother?

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