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His Life and Music (BOOK/CD)
Release Date: 03/05/2013
Catalogue No.: SFGUBOOK1169
Record Label: Skinnyfish/Harper Collins
Format: Book

Who is Gurrumul, then? He is Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu, a troubadour, hailing from thesunshine and shoreline of the island of Elcho in the Arafura Sea. He is Gudjuk, another of his names.He is the beloved child of his clan, the son, the father, the brother, the uncle, the nephew. At adeeper level, he is a figure who emerged from the dreaming of his clan; and he has been here as
long as the dreaming, in one form or another. He became Gurrumul, and the only person he couldever have become was Gurrumul. He has sung of his identity in ‘Gurrumul History’, in these words:
He is his ancestors, his totem, his country, his people. And he is the songs he sings.
‘ I am Batumanj
I am Djarrami
I am Djenjarra’
I am Gurrumulnja
I am Barrupa
I am Dhukulul
I am Maralitja
I am Njunbunjunbu …’
‘the sound of a higher being’ — STING
‘Australia’s most important voice’ — ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE
‘Gurrumul will change the way you breathe’ — KATHLEEN NOONAN
‘ will surrender to the greatest voice this continent
has ever recorded’ — BRUCE ELDER



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His Life and Music (BOOK/CD)

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