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Circular Inertia
Release Date: 12/04/2013
Catalogue No.: BEANSTALK06
Record Label: Beanstalk Records/Green Media
Format: CD

Skurge has been around since the dawn of time, yet in this continuum he has taken the human form of a nomadic MC that fuses together a unique blend of complex mindmelting wordplay with world-class production. Paying homage to the four elements of hip-hop, with a conscious holistic view of the universe, Skurge represents the light and dark inside all of us and the challenge to harmonize those forces, achieving equilibrium. For his debut release - Circular Inertia - Skurge has teamed up with producers Mars Madness (TakTarT Beats Germany) Wasabi, Hunchback Esquire (USA) J Squared and Miziri. The album explores mankind's evolving perception of reality and the influence psychedelics have had on this evolution.



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Circular Inertia

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