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Leftovers-Vinyl LP (With Digital Download Card)
Release Date: 01/03/2013
Catalogue No.: 3B0082360
Record Label: The Three Basics
Format: 12" Vinyl

For over a decade, Wally De Backer (Gotye) and his bandmates Tim Heath and Kris Schroeder broke all conventions in the creation of these genre-defying compositions which have since become cult classics. However, it continues to be noted that their official releases only scratch the surface of this wildly multi-faceted outfit. However, Leftovers invites us to sneak a peek behind the curtain on this all-new 13-track vinyl (w/38 track digital download card) offering, complete with extensive liner notes and never-before-seen photography from the band's history.



1 So Hard For You (Barn Demo)
2 With This Ship (Alternate Take)
3 Bri's Song (Prospekt Rehearsal)
4 Gimme Some Lovin' (Vocal Jam)
5 I'll Never Love Again
6 Better (Alternate Take)
7 Inside Your Walls (Home Demo)
8 I Loved U, You Left Me (Home Demo)
9 Don't Ask Me Why (Home Demo)
10 I'm Gonna Tell Ya 'Bout A Girl (Home Jam)
11 Baby, Let Me In
12 Yeah, Yeah (Take 1)
13 Besame Mucho (Live at PBS)
14 Rattle My Chain (Garage Demo)
15 Memory Lane (Garage Demo)
16 Love, Love (Speak To Me) (Instrumental)
17 Hey Rain (Live At The Chapel)
18 Wait For You (Barn Demo)
19 U R The 1 (Barn Demo)
20 Roxanne (Barn Demo)
21 Oh My! (I Can't Tell You Why) (Barn Demo)
22 Daddy Used To Say (Barn Demo)
23 If I Was Wrong (Barn Demo)
24 My Baby (Live At The Tote)
25 Just Hold On (Live At The Tote)
26 Where The Heart Is
27 Soundpark Rehearsal Riff
28 With This Ship (First Rehearsal)
29 Baby, Let Me In (Instrumental)
30 What Do You See In Me? (Demo)
31 On The Day Mairead Goes Away (Home Demo)
32 Home Again (Home Demo)
33 Keep The Door Open (Abbey Road Demo)
34 Keep The Door Open (Mister Speed Remix)
35 With This Ship (Unfinished Downstares Remix)
36 Like A Brother (No Device Remix)
37 For Girls Like You (Live At The NSC)
38 A Night Inside Your Mind (Barn Demo)



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The Basics

Leftovers-Vinyl LP (With Digital Download Card)

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