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Pretty Well Over The Bay
Release Date: 28/02/2013
Catalogue No.: FIRE2007100
Record Label: Firestarter Distribution
Format: CD

Trying to categorise theatrical punk-rock quintet FAIM is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. With quirky, playful and, at times, surprisingly insightful lyrics weaving their way in and out of fast-paced drums, tight bass and a wall of untamed, technical guitar riffs, it’s hard to pin-point what makes them so enticing. Now, with their debut album, ‘Pretty Well Over The Bay’, a release has surfaced that manages to capture all the chaos of their live show, and more. The album’s first single, ‘Believe’, paints a well-rounded picture of what to expect from the rest of the album, and shows five musicians feeding off one another’s energy to create something refreshing in a genre that many feared to be dying off.A follow-up to 2011’s ‘Dork’ EP, ‘Pretty Well Over The Bay’ was also engineered, mixed and co-produced by Adam Round and promises to be just as melodically daring, spirited and boomingly theatrical as the EP hinted towards.



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Pretty Well Over The Bay

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