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King Of The Sun
Release Date: 16/11/2012
Catalogue No.: HWYAU2012001
Record Label: Rocket Records
Format: CD

A brand new collection of songs of love and dereliction by Chris Bailey and his latest incarnation of The Saints. Recorded in Sydney and released on the Highway 125 label, the album portrays a journey home after a hundred-year war. Bailey's writing and singing have never sounded more majestic. His is the voice of a world-weary conscript who got more than he signed up for but never shirked the task. Accompanied by piano, strings and horns, (the very sound that got The Saints dropped by EMI) King of the Sun could be viewed as a beautiful swansong to a formidable campaign. Then again, don't bet on that!

1.King Of The Sun
2. A Million Miles Away
3. Sweet Chariot
4. Turn
5. Mystified
6. Duty
7. Road To Oblivion Part 2
8. All That'S On My Mind
9. Craters On The Moon
10. Mini Mantra Part 1
11. Adventures In The Dark Arts Of Watermelonery

1. Just Like Fire Would
2. Last And Laughing Mile
3. Massacre
4. Photograph
5. Ghost Ships
6. Shipwreck
7. Fall Of An Empire
8. Something Wicked
9. All Fools Day



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The Saints

King Of The Sun

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