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Four Girls
Release Date: 16/11/2012
Catalogue No.: RIP031CD
Record Label: Fuse Distribution
Format: CD

Following up the acclaimed self-titled album from January 2012, the Melbourne trio (actually for the record Leon lives in Canberra now) has accomplished what hasn’t been commonplace for decades, two top notch albums in the space of a calendar year. While the na´ve charm and primitive punk energy is still apparent, they’ve been met by a more developed set of song writing chops. We’ve got a foggy notion these guys have been spinning a few Velvet Underground LP’s around the house, classic power-pop (The Nerves, or a stripped back Dwight Twilley) and an “it was easy, it was cheap, go and do it” attitude. Released on Sydney’s hotter than hell label R.I.P. Society (Royal Headache, Holy Balm, Blues Control).

“Accumulate everything you love about the Kiwi indies, cool NYC cats from the 60s and the late 70s revolts of independence…” IMPOSE MAGAZINE



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Four Girls

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