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Rogers Sings Rogerstein
Release Date: 24/08/2012
Catalogue No.: 3711137
Record Label: Universal Music
Format: CD

Tim Rogers, the man with the tunes, chutzpah, style and stage ownership, the man we know, respect and love release a new record entitled 'Rogers Sings Rogerstein'. Written in collaboration with Ohio native Shel Rogerstein, who Rogers apparently met on a train journey in Southern France. The pair bonded over "Tango, film, cheese, rock'n'roll, baseball and family". Produced by Shane O'Mara, who recently worked with Rogers on the soundtrack to Australian film Wish You Were Here ('If Yer Askin'.' and 'Didn't Plan.' appear on the record. Features string arrangements by Melanie Robinson, who worked on The Luxury Of Hysteria.

Track Listing

  1. All Or Nothing
  2. Drivin At Night
  3. One O The Girls
  4. Part Time Dads
  5. Out Of Our Tiny Lil' Minds
  6. Go On Out, Get Back Home
  7. The FJ Holden
  8. Walkin Past the Bars
  9. I Love You Just As You Are, Now Change
  10. Didn't Plan To Be Here Either, Baby
  11. If Yer Askin, I'm Dancin'
  12. Let's Be Dreadful



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Tim Rogers (You Am I)

Rogers Sings Rogerstein

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