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Lake Aire-Deluxe Edition
Release Date: 03/08/2012
Catalogue No.: HUB002CDX
Record Label: Inertia Distribution
Format: CD

Three years in the making, the album was conceived in London where the band briefly based themselves following the release of 2009's Zounds. "The journey of this album was long and difficult," says vocalist Tim Derricourt, "but the music that came out of it is so full of joy and happiness." The album was recorded in various sessions across Paris, Los Angeles and Sydney. It was co-produced by the band themselves with young US producer Jarrad Kritzstein, and later mixed in the UK by Cenzo Townshend (Bloc Party, Florence + The Machine, Interpol). "It's everything we've ever been," adds Derricourt. "It's got experimentation, wildness and melody. It gives me the sense that I get every now and again that we could keep doing this for another 20 years - or more."

Track Listing

CD Audio

  1. Run With The Wind
  2. The Leopard
  3. Real Love
  4. Work In The Mould
  5. Lake Air
  6. Born At The Right Time
  7. Love Connection
  8. Icecubes
  9. Waves
  10. The Weekend

Naked On East St DVD

  1. Hold Your Back
  2. Answer Is Zero
  3. The Price
  4. Wooden Ships
  5. Slow For Me, My Island
  6. The Night Is Young At Heart
  7. Miniature Alas
  8. Don't Stop There
  9. Kid
  10. Middle People
  11. Apart
  12. Stepshadows



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Dappled Cities

Lake Aire-Deluxe Edition

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