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Heat 12
Release Date: 19/07/2012
Catalogue No.: AV!018
Record Label: Fuse Distribution
Format: 12" Vinyl

White Hex are Jimi Kritzler (Slug Guts) and Tara Green (ex- Interzone). Formed in Brisbane, the band played their first shows in Berlin and New York and have since moved to Melbourne. Their debut 12” is available only on Italian label, Avant and Fuse are happy to announce distribution of this very limited masterpiece of minimal postpunk claustrophobia.

A persuasive atmosphere of reverb heavy guitar wailing and haunting vocals, White Hex takes the damaged post-punk of Slug Guts 2011 album Howlin’ Gang a step further and resolves into something the duo likes to call “tropical goth”.

For fans of HTRK , Bauhaus, Whitehouse and Rowland S. Howard.

“With their crisp and ice-cold, postpunk informed guitar employment and the massive, prominent rhythm section… White Hex wouldn’t stick out on any 80s “alternative” compilation.




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White Hex

Heat 12"

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