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Songs From The Debt Generation
Release Date: 13/07/2012
Catalogue No.: FIRE2007096
Record Label: Firestarter Distribution
Format: CD

Introducing The Spitfires, Perth’s answer to an age decimated by global financial turmoil and riots throughout the major cities. United at the height of the recession as an outlet to vent their frustration against the state of the world, the result of the band’s one part Liverpool [UK], one part Perth [AUS] hybrid concept has been controversial from the start following a stream of raucous and unpredictable live shows, being blacklisted throughout the local industry for declaring Perth music “crap” live on air and receiving legal threats from a major radio station in response to their notorious publicity campaigns. Armed with their debut album “Songs from the Debt Generation” the band continue their assault on the national consciousness with twelve tracks bristling with the razor hooks, caustic vocals and lyrics sharp enough to make your ears bleed.



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The Spitfires

Songs From The Debt Generation

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