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The Ridge
Release Date: 11/05/2012
Catalogue No.: RDR00010
Record Label: Red Disc Records
Format: CD

May 2012 marks the release of CHRIS JAGGER’s latest album “THE RIDGE”. This is the first record Chris has made away from his band “Atcha” and as such has a distinctive flavour. His new album is a much more personal outing that includes songs to friends and family alike, including a sentimental and personal tribute to his father Joe. 

Released on Red Disc Records, “THE RIDGE” is a stellar collection of eleven songs from Jagger and they are;

Roll Back The Time, Lights Of The City, Single Spark, Rare Beauty, Prisoner Of Your Heart, Dirt For The Poor, I Belong To You, Old Fashioned, The Farmer, Idle Hands, The Photograph

Whilst he hasn’t perhaps achieved the same level of notoriety for his body of work as Rolling Stone brother Mick Jagger, at the tender age of 60 and the younger ‘Jagger’ brother, Chris is none the less equally a veteran and elder statesman of the music scene and perhaps somewhat overlooked by the British music scene for his association to ‘older’ brother Mick. 


A largely acoustic album and mostly cut live, the album features an all star cast and some fine session musicians including the likes of Danny Thompson on double bass, John Etheridge on guitar, Malcolm Mortimore on drums, John ‘Rabbit’ Bundrick on keyboards and saxophonist Andy Sheppard. 

“I really enjoyed playing with bassist Danny Thompson and guitarist John Etheridge. Together with my drummer Malcolm Mortimore, they were so accomplished they gave me the confidence to produce a relaxed, more mature album,” Chris notes.

Chris Jagger’s song writing stands shoulders tall with beautifully crafted and poignant lyrics that leave a lasting impression, peppered with musical vignettes of Van Morrison, Dylan, REM and Willy Nelson. 

“The record was made in my barn in Somerset and this added to the atmosphere for me” says Chris. “There were some overdubs, a nice string section and John Bunderick, aka ‘Rabbit’ stopped over to play some lovely piano. He lives not too far from me as does the saxophonist Andy Sheppard who added some soulful touches. I think they saw their role as interpreting the songs and I love to hear musicians of that high calibre coming out with the unexpected and adding to a melody to bring it to life.” 

Mixed by long time associate and record producer Chris Kimsey, “THE RIDGE” is both contemporary and traditional with a blend of country tunes, soulful ballads, bluesy clouds and poetical tales that make for repeated listening. 



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Chris Jagger

The Ridge

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