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New Album
Release Date: 20/04/2012
Catalogue No.: SH-070
Record Label: Redeye/Sargent House
Format: CD

New Album is the fifteenth studio album by the Japanese experimental band Boris who are currently on tour in Australia to promote this release. Boris has long been celebrated for their rare ability to reinterpret a multitude of esoteric musical genres into a sound uniquely their own. New Album finds the intrepid Japanese trio etching their own post-noise, extreme pop niche with their most accessible and melodic effort to date. Where their two previous albums, Attention Please and Heavy Rocks -- both released by Sargent House on the same day, May 24th, 2011 - offered divergent expansions to their sonic palette, New Album is the culmination of the band's ongoing experimentation that catapults its ferocious sound headlong into pop territory.



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New Album

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