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Hillbilly Blues Guitar taught by John Miller
Release Date: 13/01/2012
Catalogue No.: GW834
Record Label: Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop
Format: DVD

As the Country Blues began to be recorded, in the mid-1920s, it soon became apparent that the music was being played and appreciated not only by African-American musicians and audiences, but by white musicians and audiences as well.   Included on this DVD are songs from Clarence Greene, Dick Justice, Frank Hutchison. Sam McGee, Hobart Smith, Maybelle Carter and Emry Arthur, a soulful singer and player who recorded one of the earliest versions of Man Of Constant Sorrow. The songs selected for inclusion on the DVD have been chosen to introduce you to a variety of different keys and playing positions, as well as a host of different right hand techniques. A PDF included on the DVD offers not only detailed transcriptions of the songs, but the songs' lyrics, too. All of the original performances by the musicians are included on the DVD as bonus tracks, both as references and for your listening enjoyment.



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John Miller

Hillbilly Blues Guitar taught by John Miller

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