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Fever: Rhythm and Blues Trilogy (3CD Box)
Release Date: 15/07/2011
Catalogue No.: LM54207
Record Label: Le Son Du Maquis
Format: CD

From 1945 to the following decade, the Afro-American population was singing, dancing and having fun with a new style of music, called rhythm and blues which later became very popular. Considered as Rock before the Rock, rhythm and blues remained the vibrant and deep expression of the black soul,
before the arrival of soul music in 1960. Rhythm and Blues, a mixture of blues, gospel, jazz, pop and country, was the soundtrack of a society full of emancipation. This 3CD set contain fifty-one pieces of music and is a tribute to the pioneers of the genre including Fats Dominos, Ruth Brown, Ray Charles, The Bobbettes, Sheri Washington, The Coasters and more.



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Various Artists

Fever: Rhythm and Blues Trilogy (3CD Box)

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