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Into The Murky Water
Release Date: 06/05/2011
Catalogue No.: FTH116CD
Record Label: Full Time Hobby/Other Tongues
Format: CD

The Leisure Society make a triumphant return with their second album. The band’s 2009 debut album, ‘The Sleeper’ earnt them two consecutive Ivor Novello songwriting nominations and received worldwide critical acclaim.
‘Into The Murky Water’ comes from a happy starting point, but looks back on the bad times too. From the moment the title track creeps in with bouncing bass, flurries of flute, jazz drums and Tim Burton-style backing vocals, it’s clear that something has changed since last we met them. A year in the making, ‘Into The Murky Water’ is the sound of The Leisure Society gone widescreen. The Leisure Society have been labelled “The New Seekers”, as well as comparisons to The Byrds and Belle and Sebastian.

 “The six-man, one-woman outfit weaves soaring, intricate harmonies reminiscent of the Byrds, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - even the 5th
Dimension - over gorgeous melodies and song structures, complemented
by parts for traditional folk instruments such as cello, flute, banjo, mandolin,
guitar, upright bass, autoharp and fiddle” - THE AUSTRALIAN
 “You could call it longing, or maybe it’s the remnants of memories a little bittersweet. Whatever it is, that feeling suffuses this lovely, gently acoustic
album from Britain’s Leisure Society” - SYDNEY MORNING HERALD
“...their debut is wonderful, its peculiarly English strain of Americana
shot through with longing and a nagging sense of dread” - THE GUARDIAN



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The Leisure Society

Into The Murky Water

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