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Release Date: 04/03/2011
Catalogue No.: FTH110CD
Record Label: Full Time Hobby/Other Tongues
Format: CD

Erland And The Carnival are a folk-rock supergroup, formed as they were
by multi-instrumentalist Simon Tong (The Gorillaz, The Verve, The Good,
The Bad And The Queen) and erstwhile Paul McCartney-collaborator David
Nock (The Orb, The Cult, The Fireman) and Orcadian singer Erland Cooper.
They mix traditional folk music with Americana, garage and psychedelia,
and then steam-roller it with a rollicking fug of analogue Ethiopique
keyboards and hypnotic effects to create an engaging, deep and beautiful
procession of noise, topped majestically by frontman Erland Cooper’s
sonorous, vintage voice.
The album was recorded deep in the bowels of a WWII-era ship moored at
Embankment on the river Thames, where dehumidifiers never did manage
to remove the dank smell and the sounds of water created an unmistakable
ambience. When cabin fever inevitably set in, they’d poke their heads above
board and watch the city commuters buzzing about; the real world rushing by
as the trio spent hours in darkness in search of sounds and songs



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Erland And The Carnival


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