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Release Date: 03/12/2010
Catalogue No.: PTYT035
Record Label: Blast First Petite/Other Tongues
Format: 10" Vinyl

Factory Floor’s first release with their new line-up: Dom Butler (electronics), Gabe Gurnsey (drums), Nik Colk (vocals/ guitar). “An ancient arpeggiator blasts out a two note refrain.....colossal bursts of guitar noise teased out by a violin bow means it already sounds like Giorgio Moroder having a massive coronary by the time the the metronomic drum tatoo starts. And then it becomes REALLY intense” - NME “People have born witness to something unconventional indeed: a set where voilin bows violently attack guitar strings. Where tribal rythmns ride along a storm of chantedvocals and drones, all processed through effects that make them sound dark and unearthly” - ARTROC KER
9/10 - NME



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Factory Floor


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