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Early Summer
Release Date: 01/10/2010
Catalogue No.: DS003
Record Label: Departed Sounds/Other Tongues
Format: CD

If one were to summarise Amaya Laucirica’s music in a single word, that word would be transcendent. It’s a fitting word, because it describes both the genre-defying nature of Amaya’s music and the effect her music tends to have upon the listener.
Born in rural South Australia, Amaya moved to Sydney at age 18 before finally settling in Melbourne. Consequently, themes of change, upheaval and movement can be found within her songs, which yearn for places and things unseen.
In 2008, Amaya Laucirica released her debut album, Sugar Lights. An intriguing and beautiful blend of country, folk, rock and pop, Sugar Lights was critically lauded and awarded “Album Of The Week” by RRR radio and “Single Of The Week” by Rave Magazine.
As bold a debut as Sugar Lights was, it is Amaya’s latest album, Early Summer, that truly defines her sound. Early Summer is denser, more detailed and darker than its predecessor, yet at the same time, retains the rawness, hope and beauty, which made Sugar Lights such an enticing debut.
Effortlessly beautiful and unapologetically abstract, Early Summer speaks directly to the heart and soul, bypassing – indeed, transcending – the ordinary rhythm of the everyday.
“Amaya Laucirica has a voice that seeps into your subconscious.” - MAG
(on This World Can Make You Happy) “If this is but a small taste of what she has in store with her next album (Early Summer),



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Amaya Laucirica

Early Summer

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