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Release Date: 23/10/2009
Catalogue No.: FOM0014
Record Label: Shock Records
Format: CD

Silverwater, The Necks' first studio album since 2006's ARIA Award-winning Chemist, demonstrates that after nearly twenty two years, the creative flow of these three master improvisers is as strong and deep as ever. Silverwater shimmers with an abundance of ideas and exotic textures. The Necks' ongoing discipline of performing completely improvised music around the globe has only sharpened their ability to conjure and explore sound-worlds of remarkable cohesion and beauty. Silverwater, like its title, holds both beauty and menace - named, as it is after an industrial suburb in The Necks' native Sydney, known best as the site of a correctional facility. Southeast Asian textures are to the fore on Silverwater, courtesy of haunting gongs and the evocative bamboo sound of the Indonesian anklung.



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The Necks


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