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The Best Believes
Release Date: 04/07/2009
Catalogue No.: RMTC10
Record Label: Fuse Distribution
Format: CD

It was in the backstreets of London’s Knightsbridge where a chance meeting with rock legend Jimmy Page became, in their own words “the moment of hot truth”. Known better for their day jobs, The Best Believes never thought this day would come. Matt Noffs, who is more easily identified for his political and more charitable side in setting up Sydney’s Street University, was first unearthed in 2004 as a member of cult outfit Camacho Horrorsho. After returning from London, where Camacho was invited to discuss a deal with XL Recordings (White Stripes, Radiohead), He walked away empty handed believing that he had a higher calling to work with young people that led to building The Street University in Sydney’s west - now in full swing. During all this Noffs met Mike McGlynn, a young man Noffs quotes as having “enough musical credits and works (aired in over 35 countries) to fill an invisible museum dedicated to cool and different shit”. McGlynn is known locally as a talented multi-instrumentalist and prolific producer, but The Best Believes is the first outfit that places McGlynn squarely out front next to Noffs. The union has given The Best Believes a sound described as an eclectic blend of high quality musicianship and production, with intimate lo-fi moments. This album began as a tribute to what both referred to as “a higher and heavenly female authority” but ends in reality, with Noffs becoming a hopeful atheist and McGlynn an agnostic with doubts. With a range of influences spanning Dylan to Reznor and Radiohead to Bowie, The Best Believes will leave listeners moved and somewhat bewildered by their genre defying sound and distinctive, comic lyricism.



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The Best Believes

The Best Believes

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