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Gonzo-Hate-Vibe (Re-issue)
Release Date: 14/02/2009
Catalogue No.: MVDA4832
Record Label: MVD
Format: CD

After the Meatmen broke up, lead Meat Tesco Vee formed this little group featuring members of Washington DC's Black Market Baby. They released a bunch of rare 7" records and one album, Gonzo Hate Vibe, a rollercoaster ride of tongue in cheek humour, sacrilegious screeds and blazing punk metal, all held together by the indomitable Mr. Vee. This CD reissue features the full 1992 album as well as some rare bonus tracks, including covers of the Germs' "Manimal" and REM's "Losing My Religion." Get your hate on!



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Tesco Vee's Hate Police

Gonzo-Hate-Vibe (Re-issue)

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