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Grounded Bird
Release Date: 11/07/2008
Catalogue No.: 1777898
Record Label: Universal Music
Format: CD

You might remember a major event in Australian pop called Frente. They were from Melbourne; the singer Angie Hart was only seventeen when they began and only a couple of years older when they started having enormous hits. It all went crackers for Frente. Totally off the scale in terms of stardom and recognition and all that. Angie was just a girl. But boy, the girl could always sing. That was then. This is now. Angie’s got her own thing going on, finally. And this is the thing: back then with Frente, it was like she was trying to be the singer and trying hard with her singing. Now it’s all totally effortless, the most natural thing in the world. It seems ridiculous that she never did a solo album before. It seems unthinkable. How could it be that Angie Hart is only now ready to be out on her own? Well – she is. The debut solo album is called Grounded Bird and it’s lovely and strange



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Angie Hart

Grounded Bird

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