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Release Date: 19/07/2008
Catalogue No.: BI004
Record Label: Shock Records
Format: CD

Exactly one year ago, in July 2007, British India emerged from the fertile underbelly of Melbourne’s independent music scene to take Australia by storm with their acclaimed debut album Guillotine. As their songs ‘Black & White Radio’, ‘Tie Up My hands’, ‘Run The Red Light’ and ‘Russian Roulette’ became arm-raising, air-punching anthems at venues and festivals across the country, British India developed a hard-earned reputation for explosive live shows. For 11 months following the release of their debut album, the band toured constantly and played repeat ‘sold out’ shows nation-wide as well as major festivals such as the Big Day Out, Homebake, Golden Plains, Pyramid Rock, and Come Together. Now in July 2008, just 12 months from the release of Guillotine, the four high school friends are ready to take on the nation again, this time armed with their second album Thieves. Thieves is an album that celebrates the garage pop which has characterised British India’s initial success, and demonstrates the band’s growth, both as songwriters and musicians. This can be clearly heard in the band’s brooding, foot-stomping fi rst single ‘I Said I’m Sorry.’ Again produced by Easybeats legend Harry Vanda & Glenn Goldsmith, Thieves is jam packed with brilliant pop melodies, high-octane rock & roll, and the budding lyrical genius of Declan Melia. The journey begins with ‘God Is Dead, Meet The Kids’ depicting a soulless and morally bankrupt Internet generation, quickly followed by the blistering power and angst of ‘This Dance Is Loaded’. There’s the tragedy of adolescent love in ‘Airport Tags’, humor and irony in ‘You Will Die & I Will Take Over’ before the journey ends in the faith and hope of ‘The Golden Years’. Thieves shows just how far British India have come in only a year, and their rise will continue in 2008. Watch out Australia, British India will be stealing the hearts of pretty young things across the nation with Thieves



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British India


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