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No Rest
Release Date: 10/05/2008
Catalogue No.: CP808
Record Label: Independent
Format: CD

Meaningful lyrics enveloped in Hip Hop beats and a true focus on melodic hooks, influenced by Jazz, Funk, Soul & a touch of Rock describes what you will hear on NO REST. This array of genres and sounds blend to the style that is Casual Projects and is portrayed through each song. With four MC's and a virtuoso soul vocalist, the band have a formula which plays out in most tunes, Raps driving the verses, by Pat, Muchtar, Munro and Jules, while lead chorus vocals from Nick. Each song is different to the next, due to the amazing compositions of melody and versatile musicality. NO REST starts with a track simply named, 'Music' – a soul and harmonic string hook, before their trademark, Aussie Hip Hop is overlapped by soulful vocals. 'Move Along', the first single off the album hears Munro's brilliant jazz piano, supported by strong horn melodies by Dan Bray. In contrast there are tunes on this album that are very guitar driven, 'Little Things' and 'Time' are brilliant examples of this, thanks to Julian Abrahams. Track 13, 'Parallel', sees the album take a beautiful turn, it is a piano ballad, with overlaying soft raps. Drums and percussion, by Yen Nguyen, constantly drive the rhythms of Casual Projects, the beats always complementing the directional changes on each track. Tasty and memorable bass lines, played by Kane Watters, are a solid grounding for each tune and obviously something each member responds to. NO REST is a must hear Aussie album of 2008. Sublime beats & grooves that will entice.



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Casual Projects

No Rest

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