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Most People Are Nicer Than Us
Release Date: 04/08/2007
Catalogue No.: CB059
Record Label: Chatterbox
Format: CD

Remember a couple of years back, The Hard-Ons released Most People Are A Waste Of Time? And how that record was packed to the gills with glorious power-pop and wasn%u2019t really heavy at all? The band said at the time that their next record would be all thrash, hardcore and metal? Well, they weren%u2019t lying. Once the initial shock of Most People Are Nicer Than Us begins to subside, you realise that it does in fact sound like The Hard-Ons. The tunes are there, the vocal harmonies are there, they%u2019re just surrounded by some of the most bludgeoning riffs to ever come out of Camp Hard-Ons



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The Hard Ons

Most People Are Nicer Than Us

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