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Catalogue No.: FM13
Record Label: Feral Media / Fuse
Format: CD

Now that producer and Feral Media label boss Danny Jumpertz has emerged as a fully formed, accomplished artist with this debut, the word "Alpen" will never again recall overpriced and sugary pseudo-authentic muesli. But there's a bit more to get excited about than that. Overdub is a mix of understated songs and instrumentals that straddles electronica, rock and acoustic with elegance and apparent ease. It sounds like many other things, and like nothing else at all - not even like Danny's other band Plankton. One of the instrumentals, and a high point, is The Clinging Clan, which most closely recalls Rainstick Orchestra's Reichian cycles. None of the rest of the album does, yet it fits perfectly. Elsewhere shades of Eno and post-rock stir the pot, but it's hard to make direct comparisons. The album is rich but not overworked, grand but never pompous, inventive while dodging 'look-at-me' cleverness, and musically accomplished without being showy. Danny's voice brings Underground Lovers to mind, it has a similar timbre and melancholy. Lyrically it can be poetic or, surprisingly, motivational: "when are you going to do something with this life?" on Start Now!; "Do the thing/and you got energy to do the thing... I don't want no more talk/It is time to deliver" on Obsolete Vernacular. But it's personal rather than hectoring, almost as if he's telling himself. If that's the case it truly is obsolete vernacular because he certainly has delivered, both elsewhere and with this album. Highly recommended. CYCLIC DEFROST MAGAZINE



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